Sunday, November 17, 2013

4 transfers of energy

      We have more than four tansfers of energy, but there are only four that I am going to name. One of the four tansfers of energy is the transfer that starts it all. This occurs when the master ball pendulum hits the pokeball which makes it fall down the ramps. This is a transfer of energy because the force that the pendulum has is then transfered into the pokeball to make it fall down the ramps. Another transfer of energy ocurrs when the Lego boat`s end hits the plastic dominoes. Again this is a transfer of energy because the energy that the boat had from moving was tranferred into the dominoes, and caused them to move off of the ends of the tray. The most obvious transfer of energy is that in the dominoes, each dominoe transfers energy to the next causing it to fall. One other chain reaction that occurs in our project is the final step. The final step is when the wedge hits the DS, attacking the Pokemon. This energy from the wedge is transferred into the DS`s pressure screen, which depresses the prssure sensor in the screen attacking the Pokemon.

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