Sunday, November 17, 2013

5 forces used in project

These are the forces that are used and in act during the functioning of the Rube Goldberg Machine

  • Gravity- the force that pulls the ball and marble down the inclined plane. Without gravity the correct function of our inclined plane would not work.
  • Centripetal Force- the force that comes into play when the marble goes through the circular shoots. This is the force that pushes the marble to the outside before falling into the hole in the middle of the circular shoot.
  • Bouyancy- the force that is displayed when the Lego boat floats across the tray of water. Without bouyancy the boat would simply sink, opposed to being able to float across the water. 
  • Torque- the force that acts when the pulley rotates.
  • Air Resitance- this force is both minimized and maximized in our project. It is maximized by putting a tape sail on the ack of the Lego boat. This maximizes air resistance because we have know incresed the surface area that is exposed to the air from the fan, which allows the boat to move faster than it would without the sail. Air resistance is minimized by using the wedge to hit the DS. This minimizes air resistance beacause it allows the air molecules to flow over the wedges surface with ease. 

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